Month: November 2018

Lift Up The Pressure

Your life is your way of doing things – the way you like. Of course there are reactions you need to seek but there are many areas of life where you are better off by not looking forward. Dying is a singular process and it just happens. And it is the most unpredictable thing. Of …

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Breaking The Ice

Relationships are like ice cream, they come in all different flavours. At some point, you like chocolate flavour and other times you like vanilla. And sometimes you experiment with new. Also there needs to be care, empathy and understanding mixed with some customise adjectives. Not every relationship works the way you envisioned. It often takes …

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It’s A Journey

No matter what you intend to do, it’s the journey that matters. From the day you are born till the last walk you will take to the park. Yes, the destination is awesome and reaching there is something you envision. But most of the times it is journey which makes you thrilled, joyous and worth …

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