Month: September 2018

Do The Hard Work

That’s the only way to go – you can’t sit around and wait for a magic pill to come. Because there ain’t any. So stop dreaming about the things which might change you drastically. Because if that’s going to happen then it will happen only if you stand up and do the hard work. Not …

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Daily Routine Work

As you enter into adulthood, it becomes obvious that money plays an important role – perhaps one of the top 3 things you think about is money. On contrast, being a kid is a joy in itself – you can play on free time, have tasty foods and bug your parents for all the things. …

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Your Library Moment

Growing up library was a thing of distant imagination. Till the age of 15, many of my peers and me didn’t know what a library looked like. We had heard of it but never have been to such a thing. But yes, we received one book every summer from the school so we can read …

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