Month: March 2018

Theory Of Averages

It is tough to push, drag yourself and keep sane while you try to become better in a skill. The initial inspiration is good for only 1 week. After that your body and mind starts playing games. Where they tell you it is okay to stop and lose the game. And sure enough you quit. …

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I Want You To Kill

In the darkness, there is a hope of light. When you fail consistently, chances of you succeeding still exist. And when the whole world seems against you, someone still might change their perspective to support you. The world is a cruel place. And most humans are hostile. But it shouldn’t stop you from doing good, …

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What If You Are Wrong

Each day our body changes by shedding old cells. And by forming new cells – millions of them. Our mind on the other hand evolves by absorbing new ideas, learning skills and making progress along the way. Yet, sometimes you get caught up in the idea of greatness, the feeling of superiority and the illusion …

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