10 Ways To Make An Impact

Share What You Know

Maybe opt for becoming a teacher or just share your knowledge in discussions and elevate the standard of thought process within your group.

Be open to new ideas and indulge in the ever-increasing wealth of knowledge which is being tested, discussed, and worked upon. Your expertise or not is needed – feel free. Never know who is taking notes and getting inspired to take action.

Giveback To Society

The civilised society you are living in has given you so much – this includes your family, friends, and career options.

One of the ways you can give back to society is to make a lasting impact by doing something doo. Maybe offer a free ride to a neighbor, pay someone’s drink in drive-thru whom you don’t know. Or support the education of an orphaned kid.

This giveback can be small in dollars but remember to be the humungous size in generosity from your heart.

And doing this exercise shows you a strange this. Spending the money for others happiness brings double the joy back, isn’t it magical…

Just Be A Good Human Being

Sometimes, there isn’t specific you have to do. Just be a good human being in any action you want to perform, and the journey will be enjoyable.

The intentions matter a lot – so keep it pure, transparent, and tend to be a good person. This attitude will help others see the good, and they will re-enact it or better they will be impacted by your good behavior.


Many NGOs need people who can serve within them. You don’t have to do this as a permanent position.

Even if you have one day to spare, you can make an impact on someone. Yes, money helps, but the labour of human love helps comparable or more. So go ahead and be available for a cause you care about the most.

Simply reach out and ask what you can do and then you can spend your evenings with old people, kids or some stray animals. And the best part is they expect so much less.

Be Fair, Unbiased and Rational

It is easy to be dishonest, deceitful, and trick people. Often by doing these things, you can be rewarded instantly, and this feeds the greed to keep doing it.

But this is the way which does harm to others and makes them feel uncomfortable, insecure, and bad. This isn’t the best way to live as a generous human being. The better approach is to be fair, unbiased in your decision and action; and rational in your thinking.

This will help you become the best possible version of yourself and also make a long-lasting impact on others.

Write Online

Whatever you write online is going to stay that way probably forever. The obvious argument is that technology might go away. And this is true for physical copies too, they might decay or vanish or get destroyed.

Technology is far superior to the alternatives – so whatever you want to write about, let it stay online.

For starters, it helps your knowledge be available for anyone who wants them, and you can practice thinking clearly by this practice. Either way, you will become a better version of yourself by sharing your current you and being open about different possibilities and explanations.

Do Something About Something You Care About

Maybe you like some NGO or some creator or a commercial store. It can be anything – your passion has no bounds.

Once you identified them, the next thing is to do something for them. Be a fan, share their stories, be a supporter, and help new fans become familiar.

Slowly you will end up becoming a go-to person for the place you care about the most because you make an impact by your attitude of sharing the love with others. It can be anything – supporting their NGO side or promoting their best products among your friends.

Don’t Engage In Violence

If you are not happy with something, then it is an easy thing to do something by the physical reaction. And in almost all the cases, you will regret the violence once it’s done.

The best alternative is to have a steady, calm mind and be open to the possibilities of solving problems with a rational, unbiased, and fair attitude. By practicing this, you will have less mental stress, and you can see the dramatic shift in the problems going away because of your calm presence.

Violence isn’t ever justified except done for safeguarding your life. It only leads to sorrow, regret, and stress.

Organize Groups, Lead Them

Your leadership matters. Whatever is you are passionate about, you are required to learn more, adapt, and then shine a light on others.

Organize people of similar interest and then lead them to a better future, hope, and make them generous in the process. When you become a catalyst for someone, you help you grow at an exponential rate, and then your leadership has fulfilled.

Once you have done this, either scale the group or find something else you care about and then lead them again.

Share Your Failures

Success is a considerable measure of what you have done, failures are a better measure. It means you tried different things, you fell down and then you got up.

Even if you have 100 failures and 1 success – the weight-age of the success goes on to the failure because it shows you were willing to do the tough job of facing rejection, taking a risk and falling down 100 times.