10 Things To Do On Weekends

Most of the people now get 2 days weekend. And sometimes it feels like there ain’t much thing to do. But if you put down some discipline, you can do amazing stuff which will make you happy and sometimes productive.

Work On Passion Project

If you don’t like your day job then weekends are an excellent outlet to work on your passion project.

It can be 2 or 10 hours. Doesn’t matter – just start some work and keep doing it every week. Your work will add up and your passion project will become something you are proud of.

Call Your Friends

Weekends are a great time to connect with friends. But you can’t hang out with all of them.

Some are close friend and some of them can meet you in many months only. But you can call them. And connect, so go ahead and have a chat you have been longing for.

Treat Yourself

Doing job and catering to many responsibilities can be exhausting. And it might seem like you are doing things to please others all the time. So go ahead and book a massage, eat high end restaurant or just watch a movie only you like. You deserve to be treated awesomely.

Enrol In Something New

Many people believe that once they graduate from the college, the learning stops. But it is an illusion. If you wish to be a better person and level up in your skill for job prospects then you need to keep learning forever.

Enrol in something you want to learn. The best thing is you can do it online. And there are no certificates, but you don’t need them.

You can learn and apply the skills. And your level will show that you have done the work which is enough.

Sit In Garden

Sometimes you don’t need complicated things to get a getaway. Go in your local garden and relax. Maybe do a small picnic with your friends or family and have an awesome weekend.

Watch A Series

Nowadays there are so much content available to watch online that it almost seems overwhelming.

Once you find a good series to watch, binge them on weekends and your time will be spent. Better if you can watch it with someone – maybe your friend, lover or family.

Stay At Home

This might seem counterintuitive. But weekends don’t have to be all about going out and doing bazillion things.

You can stay at home and do nothing. Sometimes you can relax at home doing normal things. Or mingling with neighbours, small kids and relaxing while watching passerbys.

Read A Book

A book is an experience of many years of an author, perspective which have been gained by many years and a learning adventure.

Fiction, non-fiction, established or new authors. Just pick a book and read. And feel free to stop and select a new book. Once you get the groove and rhythm, make it a habit to read books frequently.

Go On Shopping

Go out and shop for family, friends or yourself. Or go at the local stores which don’t get much traffic.

Surprise them and buy to support their store. Buy handmade stuff because it is an expression of an artist and labour of love. And most of times, you might find something fresh.

Cook For Family

How about you try out some cooking. Don’t know recipe – no problem. You can check almost any recipe online.

Follow them exactly to make delicious and awesome dish. Or tweak some things to experiment and maybe make something out of box in the process. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy yourself.