10 Things To Do On A Sunday

Sunday’s are amazing because it is the common holiday we all agreed upon. As such the most common thing people do on Sunday is go out and party because it is stressful working for the week. But there are other ways to make Sunday amazing. Here are 10 ways you can spend your time.

  1. Do nothing. Sleep well and meditate when you feel like doing something out of boredom.
  2. Binge watch a series on Netflix. This seems like a popular thing to do for most new generation people.
  3. Take your mom out. Often when you think about going out, you take friends or girlfriends or spouse. Tag along with mom and she will feel happy.
  4. Work on your passion project. If you aren’t happy with your job then leaving it isn’t a wise idea if your survival depends on it. Work on something on side and see if it takes off.
  5. Cook something for the family. Eating out is fun but cooking a meal all by yourself and seeing your loved ones enjoying is a treat to watch.
  6. Call your friend and stay inside your house. Freaking out with friends outside is normal. Stay home and strengthen your bonds.
  7. Solve puzzles like scrabble, su do ku and others. Playing physical game which triggers your brain is a great exercise and if you play few of them then your hours will pass by like that.
  8. Spend time with a kid or a pet. If you don’t have one then go to your neighbours. They are stress busters and teaches you to be patient. Taking care, playing with then and just becoming a kid is a day well spent.
  9. Spend a day alone – maybe at park, or at home when no ones there or watch movie and hang out with yourself. It will help you to be okay with self.
  10. Volunteer for a NGO and teach them or play with them. They require enthusiastic people like you who are open to play and make people’s day.

What else can you do on a Sunday? Explore yourself in ways you have not done till now. Go crazy.