10 Things To Do – Get Rid of Headache

  • Apply balm. It helps a lot. And it is better than the tablets. Because in the long run, tablets can become ineffective.
  • Sleep. Sometimes the headache is the result of deprived sleep. So put on a blanket and sleep.
  • Eat. This is true at least for me. I am a big foodie. And if I don’t eat in time, my head starts giving me cues. So munch on those Subway sandwiches.
  • Solve a puzzle. Yes, I get bored fast. And I need intellectual things to keep me going. Keep me bored for hours and my head starts spinning.
  • Close your eyes and get a head massage. It often does the trick to make me relax. And then I can go to sleep.
  • Laugh it out. Sometimes stress plays an important rule. Accept that racing your heart or doing calculations 10 times won’t help.  Call a friend and relax, chat and laugh.
  • Stop staring on your screen. Strain on the eyes is a big problem. If you do it for long, it will make your eye weak. And perhaps result in a headache.
  • Take a cold shower. It helps in unlocking all your nerve endings. And puts your body in relaxed mode. If not 100 %, then it will reduce your headache at least by little.
  • Do some yoga. Get upside down. Getting blood flowing everywhere will make your organs function optimally.