10 Ideas For Giving Gift

  1. If you know the person, then give them a cloth they will wear.
  2. Chocolates are universal, everyone loves them.
  3. If the person is close to you then a personal letter, preferably handwritten works like magic.
  4. If you are unsure, then a gift voucher works because she can buy a gift of her choice.
  5. People will read love to get a book as a gift, hard cover interest them more.
  6. If that person has kids then you can give somethings kids can use, they will consider you thoughtful.
  7. If you want to help them achieve their goals like fitness, you can give gift accordingly, for example: a water bottle if they do running.
  8. Invite her to dinner and serve a food they like – this is intimate.
  9. Go out on an adventure on her birthday and pay for it.
  10. The best way is to keep your ears open way before her birthday so when time comes, you have a list of gift she wants.

Whatever you give, make sure to give it because you want to and there shouldn’t be any expectation of any kind.

The whole idea of gifts is to make the person receiving it happy. But when you give it with your heart in it, then you will realize that it makes you happy too.