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A Physics Enthusiast Journey – Exploring Life

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I am Rohan Bhardwaj – Physics graduate. I write articles on life, love, relationships, career, productivity, money and everything in between. Read the blog You are the one who drives change. I am the facilitator. Make the change happen. You can do it.

You want SUCCESS. You want to feel loved, have lots of money and have the freedom. This is your place to grow, succeed and rock your relationships. We don’t simply give tips. We deliver rock-solid real life stories, facts and fiction which takes you by your seat. A good-feel mix of everything.

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You can do more than you are doing now. Be it your career, your dreams or the change you hope to bring in the world. Don’t wait for some magic bullets. Start now. Be the leader who brings change in a tribe. Alternatively, follow something passionately and achieve it. We make you more AWESOME.

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